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The Sentikator - Machine-readable, Low Latency Sentiment Data

The Sentikator is a computer linguistic engine designed to calculably recognize, analyze and quantify emotions and content in texts. It allows extracting sentiment out of news, analyst recommendations, social media data, transcripts, press releases, broker news, factsheets, weather forecasts and many other sources. Sentiment extraction is highly reliable and disseminated data is preprocessed so that implementation into existing or new financial applications is easily possible. The Sentikator gives valuable insights to emotions and to content in texts beyond obvious headlines. It offers trading based on quantified emotions and allows for profitable opportunities that other market participants will miss.

Sentiment data for demanding clients

The Sentikator was developed for sophisticated market participants such as hedge funds, trading firms, investment banks, algo traders as well as avant-garde asset and fund managers. The Sentikator aims to fulfill all the needs demanding clients have towards sentiment data. Data is therefore broadcasted with low latency and in multicast format. The system is capable of handling virtually all types of text-based input sources. The complete data output is not only fast and accurate but is available in virtually all machine-readable formats.

User scenarios

Algorithmic trading - enhance your trading algorithms with quantified emotions. Our low latency sentiment data is streamed directly into your applications and can be used to uncover hidden trends and generate exclusive information advantages other market participants will miss.

Hedge funds - trade global sentiment derived from real-time, large scale news analysis. Understand and asses important events within milliseconds and react faster than human competitors will ever can.

Portfolio management - optimize your portfolio weights based on sector or country sentiment. Systematically measure the evolution of greed and fear in markets over time and improve your asset allocation with this exclusive knowledge.

Fundamental analysis - measure investors’ mood towards publicly listed companies over time. Reveal hidden correlations in sentiment and financial ratios. Grasp macroeconomic trends earlier than others derived from large-scale sentiment surveys based on social media data.

Company reputation - track your media coverage and systematically measure your companies’ reputation. Gain valuable insight for your company and your products derived in real-time from social media buzz all over the world.