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The Sentikator - Low Latency Financial Sentiment

Our sentiment data does not only meet the highest standards. We give our clients access to all levels of the value chain and offer state-of-the-art support in using, interpreting and customizing our data so that you will get the most out of our products. For an overview of the services and products we offer please have a look at the Sentikator Products.

Sentiment indices

We closely track the German economy and the German stock market. We collect moods, opinions and news data from thousands of news sources and from large-scale social media sources. Based on our findings we calculate and disseminate sentiment data for Germany in real-time. The two most prominent of our indices are the German Equity Sentikator and the German Economy Sentikator:

German Equity Sentikator - this index captures the sentiment of the 29 largest listed German companies in real-time and aggregates them in on continuous time-series.

German Economy Sentikator - this index pro-vides real-time data on the German business climate and the consumer confidence. This index measures the consumer and business expectations based on individual opinions of approximately 5% of the German population and aggregates them in one continuous time-series.

Sentiment data

All our sentiment data is completely customizable so that you only receive the data you really need. In- and output sources are flexible and the data is provided in a low latency, machine-readable feed. According to your demand you can chose from the following packages:

Unprocessed raw data - if you wish to develop proprietary algorithms based on our data then this is the perfect package for you. Subscribers have access to the complete data set as well as to the content and sentiment classification.

Preprocessed raw data - this package suits you if you only require the output of our analysis for your trading models and if you don’t need the complete raw data.

Preprocessed sentiment data - you need ready-to-use sentiment data that does not require extensive coding? This data feed works directly in Excel, Matlab, R and many other applications and even has graphical outputs if needed.


We believe that the key advantage of the Sentikator is not only the advanced technical features but our ample service package, our extensive technical support as well as our desire to listen to – and to learn from – our customers. You can rely on these services:

Customization - you determine which data you wish to receive, which input sources and output feeds you want and we make that possible.

Analysis - you should get the maximum mileage out of our data. We support you in the analysis and in fully understanding the data feed you attain.

Programming - you can profit from our experience in integrating our data in new and existing applications and in the development of trading algorithms.

Research - our research partner Phylax Financial Innovations provides in-depth analysis based on our data. Extend your financial research and publish these thorough white label research reports about market sentiment issues under your name.